• Более 5 тысяч домов повреждены наводнением в штатах Луизиана и Миссисипи. Видео

    Южные штаты США пострадали от наводнений. В Луизиане погибло 4 человека, двое стали жертвами стихии в Оклахоме и Техасе. В Миссисипи без вести пропали два рыбака, сообщает ABC News.
    Затоплены обширные территории. В Луизиане повреждены 4958 дома, в Миссисипи у 185 домов — большие повреждения, еще 650 получили незначительный ущерб. Их количество может значительно увеличиться. При этом у многих людей недвижимость не была застрахована, и компенсации они не получат.


    Sheriff Guides Media Through South Bossier Neighborhoods

    Sheriff Whittington and media representatives rode through flooded areas of South Bossier Parish in a high-water vehicle this afternoon. They visited the Caplis-Sligo Road area, Shadow Ridge subdivision and Pecan Grove subdivision. Note, however, that the water level during this video Saturday afternoon is about 1 to 1 ½ feet lower than Friday. Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies, Louisiana National Guard Soldiers, South Bossier Fire District #2 firefighters, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and other first responders have rescued and evacuated an estimated 300 to 400 residents, at the least, from these areas and other locations in South Bossier Parish alone. They have evacuated many pets as well. Bossier Sheriff’s Office maintains a South Bossier Mobile Command Center at the Red River South Travel Plaza on Highway 71, working alongside the above-named agencies. South Bossier has been highly impacted by the flooding, and parish officials are doing all they can to ensure the safety of the residents. Video by Allen J.M. Smith, Bossier Sheriff’s Office

    Опубликовано Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office 12 марта 2016 г.

    Cows and horses take to higher ground…on the front porch!On Poole Road in South Bossier. Truly historic flooding event here in Bossier Parish. Officials are in contact with the residents to help ensure the animals are going to be taken care of.Video by Lt. Bill Davis, Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office

    Опубликовано Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office 13 марта 2016 г.

    Highway 84 near DeSoto/Red River Parish line

    Aerial video from Wade Britt of Highway 84 near the DeSoto/Red River Line. Video from 03-13-16

    Опубликовано Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office 14 марта 2016 г.

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